SaengQ Best Vacuum Food Sealer

SaengQ Best Vacuum Food Sealer

SaengQ Best Vacuum Food Sealer

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  • Food Savers-Dry & Moist Food Modes
  • Isolate the air, lock aroma, freshness, and taste of food.
  • Including Hose To remove air from canisters, jars.
  • 220V/110V. 
  • Include 10Pcs Bags. 
  • keep food fresh by 10 times.
  • Multiple Colors.



Do Not Waste Food, We got the SAENG Vacuum Sealer For You!

The vacuum environment can effectively extend the shelf life of food.

With built-in vacuum pump can effectively remove air from bags to keep food fresh by 10 times with a 1.5 mm heating wire.

You can choose to seal solid food like nuts, snacks, or other dry items, or to seal meat, seafood, poached, simmered, or steamed food. 

Perfect to seal fragile and soft food like fruit, vegetables, etc

You Can Also use it to vacuum canisters, jars with the attached Hose.

Don't Throw Your Wastes, It Takes Few Second To Seal Your Food And Use It For Few More Days, Fresh And Tasty.



Please select the country you want to ship from, The Color and  Voltage.




  • Voltage:220V or 110V

  • Power:80W

  • Size:355X82X65mm

  • Bag Width: <290mm
  • Net Weight:570g


Both. You can choose the most suitable ways as your need.
on September 23, 2020

2. Question:
It’s very easy to use. Put the bag in, close the lid and hit seal.
on September 28, 2020

Dear friend,
The largest sealing width of this product is 290mm.
on December 9, 2020
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